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          These guys are heating up the winter on their special days

          通过 Lanford Beard
          Updated January 13, 2020 02:39 PM
          Graham Whitby Boot/Startraksphoto

          Like a beautiful cosmic gift, every once in a while on Jan. 13, the universe blesses us all. With sexiness.

          On this day, at least four men who have appeared in — or had some association with — PEOPLE’s annual Sexiest Man Alive issue celebrate their birthdays … plus one bonus. These guys have wowed us as rebels, special agents 和 pirates. One of them is a real-life race-car driver. Another set the swoon-inducing path for a two-time Sexiest Man Alive.

          In no particular order, the Sexiest birthday boys are …

          Liam Hemsworth
          The Aussie actor, 30 today, just happens to be the brother of the past Sexiest Man Alive, Chris Hemsworth. (Good gene pool!) He has also been featured in every annual SMA issue since 2011. Clearly, there is a 饥饿 为了 Mockingjay heartthrob.

          Patrick Dempsey
          You don’t get dubbed “McDreamy” for nothin’. Dempsey, 54, really hit his Sexy stride in 2005 when his mellifluous hair made it easy to overlook all those malpractice-worthy hospital trysts on Grey’s Anatomy. What’s more, the race-car enthusiast has proven he can pull off a kilt 和 a Bill Clinton mask as well as a pair of scrubs — in the same movie, no less.

          Orl和o Bloom
          First brought into the SMA fold back in 2003, the Lord of the Rings saga star, 43, has played a blond elf, a swashbuckler on the high seas and Romeo Montague himself. Given his ability to wield a sword as smoothly as a sonnet, it’s no surprise he’s been involved with some of the most beautiful women in the world 和 is now engaged to Katy Perry.

          Michael Peña
          Maarten De Boer/Getty

          Michael Peña
          Though he has yet to score a spot in an SMA issue, the 44-year-old holds a special place in our hearts for his work on Narcos: Mexico 和 in movies like Crash, World Trade CenterMillion Dollar Baby. His hot dad status helps cement his place.

          Nick Clooney
          Clooney’s son 乔治, 58, may get all the buzz 364 days a year, but Jan. 13 is his pop’s day. The celebrated newsman, 86, is quite literally the Father of Sexy. (Twice!)

          Happy birthday, gentleman. May the Sexy ever be in your favor.

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