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          Cassie Kelley worked with interior designer Lindsay Rhodes to create a "fashion-forward" and "family-focused" space.

          By Madison Roberts
          December 05, 2019 04:35 PM

          Last year, Cassie Kelley was busy renovating a 1930s traditional home in Nashville that she and her husband, Lady Antebellum singer Charles Kelley, had purchased as an investment property to flip and re-sell. But the second part of the plan never happened.

          When they found it, the home had a tiny kitchen, linoleum floors and white appliances. While it was far from their style, it was the perfect renovation project Cassie had been searching for. She called on her friend and interior designer Lindsay Rhodes, and set to work completely transforming the humble abode into a dream home.

          “The house had great bones but it was incredibly dated,” Rhodes tells PEOPLE. “It was just impractical.”

          Together, the pair, who had worked together for more than ten years, completely remodeled the property, tearing down walls, re-doing flooring, and creating an open floor plan, which they were sure would help the house sell quickly for a profit.

          About six weeks before they completed renovations, however, Cassie and Charles received an offer on their own home.

          Alyssa Rosenheck
          Alyssa Rosenheck

          “We had painstakingly renovated the house we were living in,” Cassie explains. “We thought it was our forever home, but we got an offer we couldn’t turn down.”

          The couple were left scrambling to find a new place before the closing date, but then had an “a-ha moment” that they could make the flip home their own.

          John Shearer/WireImage

          “It didn’t take much to make it our own because I had already picked most of the finishes and I loved them,” Cassie says.

          Together, she and Rhodes had created a space that showcased Cassie’s style, but was still a “functional” place for the family — Cassie and Charles share three-year-old son, Ward.

          Alyssa Rosenheck

          “They are so down to earth and are such great parents,” Rhodes says. “While the house is really fun and fashion-forward, it’s really a family home.”

          In the living room, they opted for easy-to-clean Sunbrella fabrics on two of the chairs, and an ottoman covered in cowhide. The room is centered by a large sofa, which is where Cassie says you can find her and her family watching TV on any given night.

          Alyssa Rosenheck

          But, in the Kelley household, the kitchen is the heart of the home.

          “I love to cook, so when we are home I’m always in the kitchen,” Cassie says. “Ward has started to pick up my passion for cooking as well.”

          Alyssa Rosenheck

          When designing the kitchen, Cassie and Rhodes wanted to make the space a bit more edgy and playful. While they were both on board with some of the more eccentric ideas, there were a few things they had to convince Charles of, like an un-lacquered brass hood above the stove and a darker hue for some of the cabinets.

          “Cassie and I have a trusting relationship, so we are both pretty much game and get excited about new ideas,” Rhodes says. “When we painted one of the kitchen cabinets black, Charles was like ‘I don’t know about this.'”

          “Some of the more daring finishes he wasn’t sure about, but now he loves them,” Cassie adds. “The gold vent hood over our kitchen range is like a piece of art.”

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          There is one room in the house, however, where only one opinion mattered: Cassie’s “Ladies Lounge” featuring black-and-white splatter print wallpaper, a bar cart and rich gold finishes, as well as an Ashley Longshore “Garden Club” painting — her favorite piece in the house.

          “Cassie and her friends are all of these powerhouse women,” Rhodes says. “It’s not the gossip room. It’s a place to have intelligent and true connecting conversations, but all the while be surrounded by fun and whimsy and creativity.”

          Alyssa Rosenheck

          Using her place in the public eye to do some good in Nashville and beyond is a passion for Cassie. “Many of us didn’t sign up for the platform of having a spotlight,” says the blogger and mom, who works with Saint Jude Children Hospital and Love One International. “The group of women in the music business who I am lucky enough to call friends are all solid gold,” she says.

          The lounge also caught the eye of architectural photographer and interior stylist, Alyssa Rosenheck, who has worked with Rhodes for years to showcase the homes she’s designed and photographed them for her upcoming book, The New Southern (September 2020).

          “Lindsay really honed in on Cassie’s personality and took something that was old and a little stuffy and completely revitalized it,” Rosenheck tells PEOPLE. “This collaboration is representative of what is going on in the South: bold women breaking rules and pushing creative boundaries. That’s what I was super excited about.”

          Alyssa Rosenheck

          Rosenheck says she fell in love with the home’s “edgy patterns” and pops of color, but especially the way that Rhodes incorporated a Stevie Nicks print that had been personalized to Charles and Cassie in the home’s formal living room.

          While all three women adore the completed space, they are most excited about the collaboration itself and how they were able to work together.

          “There is no ego involved whatsoever,” Cassie says. “We all really respect each other and our individual visions. It’s truly an honor to see how their creative brains work, and also just to know them as people. Their energy is so beautiful.”

          Alyssa Rosenheck

          While they all agree they’d do it again in a heartbeat, for now Cassie and her family are planning to just enjoy their new home.

          “I absolutely love it,” Cassie says. “It’s both a cocoon where we can retreat as a family after long runs on the road and a welcoming space where we can celebrate with friends and family. It’s a beautiful home filled with lots of love!”

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