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          The contemporary Christian artist kicks off his annual “克里斯·汤姆林圣诞:圣诞崇拜之歌”巡回演唱会 on Monday

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          当代基督徒艺术家 - 谁的最新专辑, 圣咆哮, is nominated for best contemporary Christian music album at the 2020 格莱美奖 - 揭开序幕每年他 “克里斯·汤姆林圣诞:圣诞崇拜之歌”巡回演唱会 周一在奥古斯塔停止,格鲁吉亚。

          “This tour, in particular, is one of my favorites,” Tomlin, 47, tells PEOPLE. “Part of that is because it is full of surprises and some of my favorite holiday traditions … so you will definitely see a few new elements as well as all the ones we love from the past few years“。

          The tour — which is in its third consecutive year — will continue through the month of December before coming to a close at New York City’s Beacon Theatre on Dec. 20. Tomlin says he keeps coming back to do the tour year after year because the “joy and energy amongst the different crowds and cities each night is contagious“。

          “There is something special about the Christmas season,” he says. “Truly, I think one of my favorite parts of this time of year is all the traditions that happen, both in my own family and out on the road and I can’t help but look forward to these shows“。


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          克里斯·汤姆林的 圣诞节 EP专辑封面

          汤姆林的 圣诞节:崇拜的圣诞歌曲 EP was released last month and includes four songs: three originals and the classic “小鼓手男孩。“在他的原稿,汤姆林说:”以色列希望“这是一个棍棒出最。

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          Though Tomlin has been busy recording and touring, he found time to spend on vacation with his family over the summer in Florida, where he happened to run into 佛罗里达州佐治亚线泰勒·哈伯德 而在健身房。

          “When I got [to the gym], there was just me and one other guy,” he says. “It turned out to be 泰勒·哈伯德“。

          “It was pretty much an instant friendship,” he continues. “It was pretty crazy for me to hear how my music had made an impact on both Tyler and [his bandmate] 布赖恩·凯利 when they were in high school and through college. We started talking and dreaming what it could be like to smash the genres up and start writing some songs together and see what happens“。

          Those dreams came to fruition last month when Hubbard, 32, came out during 汤姆林的 concert in Troy, Ohio.

          “A night I will never forget… having @tylerhubbard join me on stage tonight in Troy to share something we’ve been working on was one of the greatest moments 🙌🏻 so much love for you bro… the best is yet to come,” Tomlin captioned several photos of the show posted to Instagram.

          Hubbard also shared a message about the experience to his own Instagram account, captioning several photos of the night, “[My wife] @hayley_hubbard and I went to Ohio last night for an incredible night of worship with our good buddy and one of my heroes @christomlin“。

          “I ended up getting to live my teenage dream and share a stage with him,” he wrote. “We played a song we wrote and some of the best throwback worship songs ever. It wasn’t the first time and definitely won’t be the last. Thanks CT for having us. Love you my brother. Also, thanks @patbarrett 为是真棒, @makmultimedia 为图片。可以肯定的一个晚上,我永远不会忘记“。

          Two months prior, in September, Tomlin shared the stage with Hubbard and Kelley, 34, at their FGL show in Atlanta to sing his 2004 hit, “多么伟大是我们的上帝“。

          Tomlin says his friendship with Hubbard “has been a highlight” of his year and “so inspiring“。

          “I am so grateful to God for our paths crossing,” he says. “I believe some exciting things are coming in 2020 and beyond. It’s now been around six months or so since we first met in that gym, and we’ve written several songs together, and have both been at each other’s concerts. The experience and response has just been unbelievable“。


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