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          Katharine McPhee 和 David Foster tied the knot last summer after meeting in 2006 on season 5 of 美国偶像

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          June 28, 2020 06:30 PM

          Katharine McPhee 和 David Foster have been married for a whole year!

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          "A year ago today I married the love of my life. Thank you for always loving me 和 inspiring me in all aspects of my life," 她写了. "I love you. Here’s to the future!"

          David Foster, Katherine McPhee
          David Foster/Instagram

          Foster, 70, also shared a heartwarming post honoring his wife, featuring a photo of the couple dressed up. "🎼-happy anniversary to the love of my life!!" the music producer captioned the snap.

          Last year, the couple — who met in 2006 while Foster mentored McPhee 和 other contestants on season 5 of 美国偶像 — 喜结连理 in front of family 和 friends in London at the Church of Saint Yeghiche in South Kensington.

          Real Housewives of Beverly Hills约兰达·哈迪德 after ex-wives B.J. Cook, Rebecca Dyer 和 琳达·汤普森.

          For their anniversary, the couple had originally planned to return to London to celebrate, but that trip was scrapped due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

          Katherine McPhee 和 David Foster
          Katharine McPhee/Instagram

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          "We've been friends for so long, 和 he's such an easy guy to be around," McPhee said of Foster. "So, we're very lucky. We've been pretty happy."

          Like many others, McPhee 和 Foster have entertained themselves in quarantine by binging on 电视 shows, including 虎王The Ricky Gervais Show. They even created their own series, the Kat 和 Dave Show, 在YouTube上。 7.读 (PDF)。

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